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I consider 71º to be the perfect temperature. Not too cold and not too hot. I also love perfect sunny days. The vast majority of days are not 71º & Sunny and yet, all days were created by God's hand and they are still gifts, even if they don't fit my ridiculous definition of perfection. My struggle with OCD has at times imprisoned me in an impossible attempt to achieve perfection. I'm now learning to love all kinds of days that don't even come close to 71º & Sunny.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sandra Bullock

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I happened to catch an episode of Charlie Rose the other day. Um, no, I definitely don’t usually watch Charlie Rose! However, he was interviewing Sandra Bullock and her director about the movie "Gravity." Being a bit of an amateur actress and director myself, I’m always intrigued by actors and the mindset they use to get into character, so it caught my attention. There was the usual discussion of behind the scenes types of things, but about halfway through the interview, Sandra's comments got more philosophical.

I’ve quoted her exactly, however, I’ve cut out some unnecessary stuff, including the statements of the director and Charlie Rose, just to make it a quicker read. I don’t believe my edits have really changed the meaning of anything. (Well, at least that wasn’t my intent!)

“I think in the end it comes to not knowing. Not knowing and knowing we are in absolutely no control over anything. And once you admit that you have absolutely no control over anything I think you, you sort of are more in tune and in sync with really the bigger picture, you know."
“And it, it comes back to the, the metaphor of just letting go, and it’s easier said than done. Um, but going back in and saying, ‘I’m gonna say yes to an experience that scares the crap out of me,’ um, it’s the unknown . . .” 
“Everyone gets knocked about.”
In explaining why she accepted the part in "Gravity," she said, “I saw this as hopefully a way to get over a lot of fears that I had, and I did. And it was you know, the sweetest, sweetest time I’ve had in a very long time. Both personally and, and in the work environment.”
“I can no longer just be afraid. I can’t let fear dictate . . .” 
“Whatever I’m afraid of, I go, I need to dive in and figure out why I’m so afraid of that.”

The only thing I would personally add to this is that we do indeed have some control - control over how we respond and how we react to all the uncontrollable people and events surrounding us.

Very cool lady.


  1. Monique, I totally agree with you that we do have some control...we cannot change or control others but we can ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I loved Gravity and thought Bullock did a great job. And the movie definitely made me think about some of these things that she says in this interview. I love the part about "not knowing." That is SUCH a big deal with OCD, as you know.

    1. Yes, ma'am it sure is a big deal for anxiety sufferers! I really liked Gravity too. It was different from your standard space movie. I'm glad you found this thought provoking, Tina!

  3. Thanks for sharing this interesting post. I've never heard of Charlie Rose (it must be an American television show?) I agree everyone gets knocked about. It reminds me of a quote I recently read - "Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting some sort of battle."

    1. Yes, it's an American, very somber, serious kind of talk show that appears on public television types of stations, I believe,

      I love that quote, because there is incredible truth to it.

    2. I've always liked Sandra Bullock,......now I know why! Thanks for sharing. I'm not a movie goer, but have been wanting to see Gravity. Guess I'll have to wait for the DVD at this point :)

    3. I've always liked her too - ever since I first saw her in Speed. And one of my ALL TIME favorite movies is "While You Were Sleeping."

      I really liked Gravity - more of a Drama than a Sci Fi kind of thing, but still interesting.

  4. She's my favorite actress...and great words of wisdom, too!

    1. You have good taste, Jean! I was pleasantly surprised to hear her talk about control and stuff like that.