Why "71º & Sunny?"

I consider 71º to be the perfect temperature. Not too cold and not too hot. I also love perfect sunny days. The vast majority of days are not 71º & Sunny and yet, all days were created by God's hand and they are still gifts, even if they don't fit my ridiculous definition of perfection. My struggle with OCD has at times imprisoned me in an impossible attempt to achieve perfection. I'm now learning to love all kinds of days that don't even come close to 71º & Sunny.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I’d like to share some of my struggles with OCD to provide education, encouragement, and hope. I’ve lived with anxiety disorders for my entire life. I’m now in my early 40’s and I’ve only just in the last two years begun to address my issues in ways that are helpful. In particular, I’ve begun Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) using Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).  I have made some significant strides in my recovery and for many, many years I never believed that was possible. I want you to know that yes, it is possible for you too. I always thought I was going to be one of those people that never got better. Recovery is a life long process so I don’t expect to be cured at any moment, but the quality of my life has improved significantly. Listening to others share about their experiences helps me, so I’m hoping that I can do the same for you. God bless!

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